A Bunch of Squares

by Bryce Hotz

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Recorded between August 2012 and February 2013.


released May 1, 2013

All songs written and tracked by Bryce Hotz at Archetype Recording Studio

All instruments and programmings were executed by Bryce except the cello performances which were properly executed by Megan Siebe.

All cello arrangements were written by Megan and Bryce in collaboration.

All Mastering done by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering.



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Bryce Hotz Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Parodies
i know that i am not strong enough to leap out into the charred remains of the roles you keep playing, praying you're gonna be appraised. like it matters what they're saying you've been waiting for someone to fall right through your trappin' door. you're a bore with a penchant who's starved for attention and what's more... you're a biter, you're a liar and a bore. i've been thinking over your parodies. why ya trying so hard to be a barrage of limp gestures who's treasures will never to be revealed? sure, i've got problems I know that need solving, but your sickness runs even deeper still. i've been watching that shit spreading out over you for many years. yeah, it's bringing me to tears
Track Name: We Come To Violate
our bodies abhorrently splayed on the floor. communal fluids overfloweth. a whoreish sight, oh, what a frightful sight. you'd like to wish us all away? well wish away, we're here to stay our slimey hands are here to violate every ounce of decency that you've been faithfully harboring. give it up you prude.we don't like your attitude! we sure as hell won't be leaving you alone. you're looking good, gonna get a bite of you! turn around! we'll strip that frown right off your face. get undressed, it's time for you to join all the rest of us insects. just turn around, we have our mandibles set on your sensuous innocence. turn around, you can pretend that we're fairy tales of your impressionable brain. it's all the same.
Track Name: Stranger
i feel it coursing through my bewildered veins, i'm never going to complain. i see a thousand biters to weak to break. i'm gonna break em all the same. i'm gonna make em be my slaves. i'm getting stranger as the hours pass me by. i never wanted to belong. i'm gonna make myself a cozy, little song. it's melody won't do me wrong. i'm never gonna let your tenures get me down. i'll build up my own paper towns. i'll never relate with this circus or you clowns. i'll never let you make me frown.
Track Name: Catch Cold
Cat cold again, and strepped of all my wind. Bedridden. Pitched interim.It wasn't very keen on being inbetween. It was in a dream.

In turn I'll fold into my envelope and lick myself closed. Make room for the bold, little cretins of the world. They want it much more than me. They'll tear it with glee.
Track Name: It's Time to Be Afraid
we're like two toilet bowls out of water, so much shit's filling up at the bottom of our bellies. why on earth did we think we could manage such a project so heavy handed and live to tell about it? this tide of sewage remains, it's time to be afraid. i often wonder do we understand the gravity of the situation at hand and feet? we've turned feral, but we still want answers. we're so demanding even when we're covered from head to feet. let's please refrain from sighs, and vocalize our goodbyes. forgive our sordid lies, and sever our the final ties
Track Name: Marsh Crawls Forward
this town's like a narrow, pungent strait. drifting your ass right through it's not so safe. it's not as if i've never steered before, but these dire straits have washed ashore many more than me. how could this be? you're never fun anymore. miles of green land has fallen into the sea! please somebody repair this leaky vessel. jagged rocks are scraping up my hull making it unwholesome and barren and cold, it's a miracle that we could live this old. everything is ok. don't be scared.
Track Name: We Gotta Biter
hark ye, leaded serf. ponder on your worth. hollow, weighted stilts remind you of how you're being pacified, being fed your every bite. have you got your fill? bulging out and still you're hungry. they have killed your will. drowned it in a pleasant guise. hardly a moment is realized. just carry on, you're almost home. dragging your chains single file. just settle down, consume for a smile and plug yourself in for a while.
Track Name: I don't Want You Anymore
i don't want you anymore. your sordid scent i do deplore. you're bag of tricks is looking mighty poor. i wonder if you knew it all before. well, i'm gonna tell you anyways. you never heard a word i said, and if you did i wager you'd be in my arms tonight, sighing lover's sighs. what a joke, what a treat that we did meet without a cause. you saw my flaws and took your paws right off my draws. you were too pretty anyway, you've got abundance on your plate. you've got them all drooling on your trail. it doesn't hurt so bad to fail in light of your la la la lies.
Track Name: Sleep it Off
are you afraid to be alone? we're gonna take you home. don't bother with your voice, it's not a valid choice. we'll get you where you're going. we'll tuck you into bed. it's cozy as a womb, you'll fall asleep for good. it's not a disgrace you know, you've had a killer run. don't be afraid, we'll all end up the same. you never did pay your dues, you never followed through. go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep. you won't be conscious at all. you never needed to be alive anyways. go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep, go to sleep, go tosleep you won't be conscious at all you never needed to be awake in the first place.
Track Name: Our Love
hard lines are forming by your eyes. rusty railroad ties, they're misleading. her chosen form's been knocking at my door, begging for amour, so deceiving, an agent to bereave my acumen. mortified, you've such a clever guise.... toying with my sighs. what a waste, i'm binging on poor taste. lapping up the grease that you've given me. heart attacks will rarely pay you back. it's usually a trap, and confusing. love refried, it's tragic and it's blind. it eats away your prime and your patience, so settle for complacence and despair. our love is like a withered flower, twas pretty a few hours, but this place in which we have been laid will be here for awhile.